Month: <span>September 2011</span>

September 30, 2011September 30, 2011

Food that makes you want to lick your plate in public.

There’s a few places like this – in spite of the fact that they are so touristy, they are so breathtakingly beautiful that it doesn’t matter one bit. So that’s how it is here in San Sabastian. But it’s the food that’s got us drooling. Pintxos are best described as something between an appetizer and...

September 28, 2011September 28, 2011

How do you know you are staying at the best hotel in Madrid?

How do you know you are staying at the best hotel? Because all the other tourists are walking over to  this hotel and taking photos, thatś how you know.Now let me put a little context around this. We are not talking 5 star here; itś only got a 4 star rating, it is small and...

September 24, 2011September 24, 2011

Home today, Dubai tonight and Madrid tomorrow.

For a travel blog, this one is still grounded at home base. But only a few hours to departure this evening, so I’m happy to just do a little more practice with these posts on my notebook computer before the iPad and smart phone take over on the trip. I’m still unsure about uploading my...

September 12, 2011September 12, 2011

Alex & Janine getting ready for their Spain/Morocco trip, Sept. 2011

You just have to get started somewhere with your first-ever blog, don’t you? So here’s where we’re starting with this one – telling you that we are getting ready for our trip to Spain/Morocco in about a week’s time. Actually, I think it’s appropriate to cover this part of travel because, for me, the preparation,...