Month: <span>October 2011</span>

October 28, 2011October 28, 2011

Janine: tips from someone who should have known better.

1. Always have several sheets of toilet paper handy in your purse/shoulder bag. 2. Tea drinking desperadoes supply your own variety. Some countries don’t understand that some of us don’t drink COFFEE!! 3.Don’t assume when you sit down for a much researched and awaited dining experience that you will eat that magnificent meal. Check the...

October 28, 2011October 28, 2011

Always end on a high note and Seville is it.

I just can’t tell you how happy I felt just walking around Seville. It felt good and I simply can’t find the individual words and sights to explain why we felt that we were ending our travels on a real high note. The cathedral dominates the city and its architecture is a thing of beauty;...

October 20, 2011October 20, 2011

Funny? Yes. Embarrassing? Even more so.

Our group tour bus in Morocco made a roadside petrol stop and I headed for the toilets with my tip ready for the toilet attendant which I handed to the lady outside the toilet block. Just seconds after I handed over the tip I realized with dread that she was one of the customers, not...

October 19, 2011October 19, 2011

Terraces, views, wines, tapas.

Add authentic to this list and you get Almunecar – still on the “Costa” (Marbella was on the Costa del Sol, this one is the Costa Tropical), much smaller, plenty of traditional community activity all around, including a vibrant fish market and a general feeling that this is really authentic. What helped was the superb...

October 12, 2011October 12, 2011

How do these words sound together? Marrakech. Casablanca. Fes.

Exotic names for a very exotic destination. A typical fascinating experience is the other day in Fes as we walked through the ancient walled city, down century old lane ways with vendors, people, donkeys and carts and produce stalls. But no smells. We ended that morning’s tour looking down at the tannery and the hides...

October 8, 2011October 8, 2011

Malaga and then Morocco…

…tomorrow is Morocco for a week and Internet access is likely to be variable. Keep checking anyway. Just railed into Malaga and had the best tapas and wine at La Rebana restaurant. Followed by a magnificent Picasso museum. Wish we were staying longer.

October 7, 2011October 7, 2011


Only a small population, but we’re glad it’s in our itinerary. The Roman Viaduct dominates the city and so it should – words do it no justice. The cathedral is almost as goood as Leon’s. But I didn’t think that the Alcazar castle would fill us with such delight; mainly because grand-daughter Lucy is enthralled...

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