Month: <span>February 2012</span>

February 28, 2012February 28, 2012

Take me back to Cairo.

Cairo. The land of my fathers and the fathers before them. Here we are after months of watching protests erupting in that square and wondering if our 2012 Egypt Group Tour might in fact be cancelled. And yesterday Group Tour members were safely exploring Tahrir Square, the Museum and two intrepid travellers even following a...

February 22, 2012February 22, 2012

Hampton today, Dubai tomorrow and Cairo next week.

Followers of these blogs will know that this travel pre-departure stage generates almost as much excitement for me as the trip itself. Looking forward to things and anticipating are good fun. Our Egypt 2013 Group Tour pre-departure Get-Together on 12 Feb was one of those good fun things which gave us all a chance to...