Always end on a high note and Seville is it.

I just can’t tell you how happy I felt just walking around Seville. It felt good and I simply can’t find the individual words and sights to explain why we felt that we were ending our travels on a real high note.
The cathedral dominates the city and its architecture is a thing of beauty; Gaudi had some good influences to draw on.
The Alcazar palace rivalled Alhambra and we actually saw the room where Columbus planned his expeditions. There was the bull ring (last bull fight in mid October)and you really don’t know what bullfighting is all about until you actually see this arena.
There was also one of the best restaurants we can recommend from this trip: Bar Pepe Hillo, C/. Adriano, 24, Sevilla. Tel. 954 215 390. It’s named after a toreador. It’s across the road from the bull ring. Inside, bulls’ heads adorn the walls and the sharp horns remind you what they would do to poor Pepe if he made an unforgivable mistake in that bull ring. Fantastic tapas and wine here and they cost even less if you have them inside a la self service. We went back twice.
Winding streets, trams, quality shops, lovely people, satisfied tourists, attractive buildings…..
Thank you Seville. You made a great holiday end just beautifully.

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