Kimberley Expedition Cruising- no surpise that the natural things were the highlights.

This was only the third voyage for Silversea Expeditions’ “Silver Discoverer” (Alex & Janine Mifsud, Broome to Darwin, April 2015, aboard Silver Discoverer). It was not the inaugural voyage, but there was the distinct excitement of being part of something new.

What we loved about the expedition and why we recommend this to you:
1. Connecting to a spectacular land and history in a very direct and entertaining way.
2. Learning more about the fascinating rock formations, marine life, flora and fauna.
3. Led by very passionate, knowledgeable and engaging expert staff (biologists, geologists, marine scientists etc).
4. The natural things: fresh water pools; sunsets; snub-nosed dolphins; sharks’ languid movements at rear of ship; the rock art up close; etc etc.

What we loved about the ship:
– A very comfortable bed
– A complimentary mini bar stocked to your requirements
– The staff/guest ratio (almost 1/1)
– Fantastic Expedition StaffIMG_6335 IMG_6458 IMG_6321 IMG_6235 IMG_6124 IMG_6097 IMG_0187 IMG_7006 IMG_6998 IMG_6701 IMG_6690 IMG_6631 IMG_6562

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