Myanmar Fully Escorted Cruise – on board RV Pandaw 2 (10 nights, 9-19 March 2020)

This was one of our very best group tours.


The main reason was the ship – Pandaw 2. It provided ten blissful nights. It was only a small ship with 24 cabins. The old-fashioned charm with lots of polished timber appealed to everyone. The level of service, care and attention from all the staff at all times on board could not be faulted. The food was delicious and each and every meal was something to be looked forward to.

Highly recommended!

Myanmar -The highlights; on a trip like this there are many of course. But here are three:

1 Myanmar is unspoilt. There are now not many destinations where we can categorically say that there are unspoilt by excessive tourism. Let us enjoy Myanmar while we can.

2 Hot air ballooning at Bagan – not to be missed.

3 The lovely nature of the Myanmar people. They are friendly, gentle and respectful.

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