Terraces, views, wines, tapas.

Add authentic to this list and you get Almunecar – still on the “Costa” (Marbella was on the Costa del Sol, this one is the Costa Tropical), much smaller, plenty of traditional community activity all around, including a vibrant fish market and a general feeling that this is really authentic. What helped was the superb apartments we booked – 1 kilometer from the beach, spectacular views of sea, bay, old city and church on the hill and mountainside behind us. Wine and dinner on the terrace for us last night and we found it hard to tear ourselves away this morning.
But tonight’s views and sunset for our evening drinks on the long balcony of the 4 star Hotel Alhambra Palace provided exquisite vies of Granada below and the Sierra Nevada surrounding it. Tomorrow morning we’re booked in for the first-listed of Spain’s top 28 Experiences – the Alhambra Palace complex.
We’re relishing the various tapas offerings back here in Spain and love it when they always give you olives or peanuts or chips with every drink you order. Apart from one tangine meal and cous cous that was always light and satisfying, the Moroccan food seemed to lack flavors or interest. Was it because they sanitized it for tourists in tour groups?

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