Why do they keep coming to the Greek Islands, even when it’s so crowded?

The simple answer to why tourists still travel to places like this is to say that the Eiffel Tower is touristy but that’s no reason to delete it from your bucket list.

We are cruising the Saronic Gulf to visit the islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra. Look around and you and  you’re so happy to be here, even if you are sharing today with many other tourists.

The islands always appear against a backdrop of clear blue skys and clear waters of colours for which there are no adequate words. It’s hot but never oppressive and the frequent gentle sea breezes are delightful. Advantage on the islands is taken of every terrace and waterfront space to give you a spectacular view; so you just sit and eat and drink and you just don’t want this to end.

We will keep coming back to places like this, even though it’s crowded. They’re just too beautiful to not want to see them with your own eyes.

(Hampton Travel & Cruise September 2019 Greece Escorted Group Tour)





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