ANTARCTICA your perfect vacation destination

Hampton Travel & Cruise – the Antarctica Specialists

How, you may ask, can we make a claim like this?

Well, not just by sitting in the office, reading about it and getting briefed by our tour operators (although that’s also a very important way of gathering our information).

No, we can rightfully claim to be the Antarctica Specialists because we actually travel there ourselves.

  • It has been recent travel and we will also keep travelling to these destinations. It makes all the difference between someone telling you that they have heard it’s good and someone telling you that they have actually just been there and what they experienced.
  • This means that we have first-hand experience and advice to give you.
  • We can advise you on the best itineraries, tour operators, time of the year, accommodation, flights and ships, in keeping with your budget.
  • And it’s cross-generational advice you’ll get – from Gary and Danielle, for a younger perspective, and from Janine and Alex for the more senior view of this amazing destination.
  • We can advise you on pre and post tour options to maximise your journey –
    • Patagonia and Patagonia Ecocamp
    • Galapagos Islands
    • Iguazzu Falls
    • Atacama Desert EcoCamp
  • We can tell you about the exactly what to expect with each of the Antarctica optional extras – overnight camping on the ice; kayaking; “polar plunge”.
  • We can tell you how cold it gets and exactly what to pack to ensure this doesn’t interfere with your enjoyment.
  • We can share with you many testimonials from our clients to further build up your picture of what to expect, to assist in making your travel decisions and how to best prepare.

A number of our staff have recently been to these destinations a number of times:

  • Antarctica
  • Patagonia
  • South America – Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay,
  • Scandinavia
  • Arctic Circle